(Fractional Growth Marketing Leader)

I’ve helped companies like Coinbase, NerdWallet, DoorDash, and Kabbage successfully build and scale growth marketing programs encompassing customer acquisition and lifecycle marketing, bringing in 10’s of millions of customers and creating $1.25BN+ in value along the way. I have deep experience operating both in-house and as a fractional consultant.

I have a double “major” in consumer web3 / crypto and fintech / finserve with a “minor” in marketplaces. I’m always open to exploring new domains 🤓

Specializing in

📈 Growth marketing strategy: Go-to-market along with building, leading, and scaling end-to-end growth programs and high-output teams.

👫 Customer acquisition: Concentration in paid (digital, offline, affiliate, creator) with some experience in organic (referral, content, SEO).

♾️ Lifecycle marketing: Activation, engagement, and retention of customers through owned and operated channels like email and push notifications.

📐 Marketing measurement: Attribution, experimentation (hypothesis generation, incrementality / A/B, results analysis), and reporting strategy.

💻 Marketing technology: Implementation of attribution (mobile and web), marketing automation, and conversion rate optimization solutions.


Kate Rouch (CMO, Coinbase)

I would highly recommend working with Justin to grow your business. He built and led Coinbase's growth marketing function from the ground up across acquisition and lifecycle, scaling to $100M’s in new revenue and to 10M’s in new registered users. He is a highly analytical and data driven marketer able to build strong relationships with product, engineering and data science stakeholders and to present compelling, data based analysis to executive leadership. In addition to his significant impact on Coinbase's bottom line, Justin drove major advancements in Coinbase's marketing infrastructure from attribution, to experimentation to underlying technology. He is scrappy and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and a true pleasure to work with.

Tyler Elliston (Founder, Right Side Up)

Justin is truly top 1% marketing talent. He deconstructs challenges and analyzes data extremely well and his channel expertise is both deep and broad. Having applied his craft across many industries and stages, and with natural affinity for strategic thinking, he can pattern match and predict in powerful ways. There are few marketers as talented as Justin. But then consider his work ethic, positive attitude, and no politics friendliness and you quickly suspect he's in a class of his own.

John Russ (ex-Global Head of Marketing, Coinbase; ex-Head of Integrated Marketing, NerdWallet)

Justin is a truly world class marketing talent. I first worked with Justin in 2015, early in his career as an IC at NerdWallet, where he was responsible for helping to crack the code on digital acquisition on a historically content and SEO based business. He was thoughtful, strategic, thorough, and relentless about turning experiments into deep insights that optimized growth and opened up the ability to spend more dynamically across new channels. He was regarded as the top performer on the team and earned the respect of every function leader. Flash forward to 2020, just 5 short years later, and Justin was now leading the largest marketing team at Coinbase. He had scaled his expertise across multiple acquisition and retention channels, had strategically built entirely new growth motions in the org that drove significant value add on the way to IPO (offline, email, affiliate), and was managing managers. My faith in Justin, and the chance to work with him again, was a major reason I joined Coinbase and he was responsible for historical results in crypto growth and adoption. I would jump at the chance to work with him in any capacity - game changer!


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